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Connecting Your Loan Needs

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Dominion City Financial Services is legendary in supporting your dreams, helping you to focus on the planning, management and sales while we provide the finance. With our different loan packages and your ability to save your money with us, you can be sure opportunities abound and success is guaranteed. We enable a future where financing you guarantee that you reach to the sky and stay in the altitude of possibilities. Register with us today and let us paddle your financial boat to the shore. 

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Small Business Savings and Loans

Our Small business loan account places you on top, ensures your stability and guarantees your dream future.

Education Savings and Loan

Our Educational Savings account guaranteed the future many parents dream of for their kids.

Personal Business Loan

Our low rate daily loan support women to be financially independent

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Flexible and Quick Business Loans For You

Securing a loan should not be a task. At Dominion City Financial Services we provide flexible loans in a fast and easy way. Your experience with us should be one of the kinds in a positive and progressive ways.  All you have to do is register with us with a savings account and boom asks for a loan and all could be done in less than 2 hours.  

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Dominion City Financial Services maintain high integrity, faithfulness and reliability you can count on. Your money with us is 100% secure and protected and you can be sure you can knock at our door any time and get your money. Our loan repayments are designed in such a way that it’s easy and convenient. Your trust is all we have and we will do anything to continue to secure it. 


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Customers Testimonials

Customers Testimonials

I was very happy with the company loan services. They are reliable and have helped many of us to increase revenue in building our business. Dominion City is the best


Dominion is the best place initially i though they were going to carry my money away but they prove me wrong and have help me grow my business through their loans.


This Dominion City Financial Services company is what we need in this market. They have boosted our businesses by borrowing us money. We are really happy with them

Iya Alaso

26 years of working experience

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Experience:  At Dominion city financial services we an experience microfinance institution that understands you need. Our team has over 20 years of experiences, services and productivity to deliver exceptional financial services to you.

Dedicated and Reliable Staff: Our Staffs are certified and trained by the best financial training institutions and continuously go for periodical training to meet modern and changing demands in the industry.

Exception Customer Service: There is no better place to meet customer relationship officers who are just dedicated and passionate to help you succeed. From our greetings, empathy and passion to help you, you can see that you are in the right place.

Financial Training: We provide free financial training to all our clients and we will be glad to help you succeed through our free training. 

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